TRD of the Devon Horse Show

*Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 TRD is canceled. We look forward to welcoming riders in 2021!*

Therapeutic Riders Division of the Devon Horse Show

In May 1896, just a few miles from Thorncroft, the world-famous "Devon Horse Show and Country Fair" was underway. A small but dedicated start, competitors gathered locally to compete. Over the years, the show grew to its present stature as the largest and oldest Country Fair in the country. The Show has earned an international reputation and attracts the best horses and riders from around the world to compete in ten full days of exciting classes.

In 1980, the front lawn at Thorncroft was again the site of a powerful meeting of minds. A small group of dedicated volunteers from Bryn Mawr Rehab and Thorncroft assembled to discuss a moment in history for therapeutic riding, a day in May that would coincide with the world-famous Devon Horse Show, ..."The Handicapped Riders Division of the Devon Horse Show". Eleven riders competed in that first show, setting a standard of excellence, and creating the foundation for a show that has grown to recently include over 175 riders from the northeast. The original ring located quietly and safely in the indoor arena has exploded to include two dressage arenas, two trail classes, equitation, jumping, and musical kurs. Over the many years, devoted volunteers and riders have nurtured and developed the show to where it is today, a nationally respected competition.