Thorncroft in Brief

Join us for a visit… Thorncroft since 1969.


The Work

Established in 1969, Thorncroft is one of the oldest Therapeutic Equestrian Centers in the United States. Thorncroft specializes in therapeutic horseback riding for both children and adults with mental, emotional and physical disabilities. Thorncroft is here to serve; we provide an environment of love and respect, which allows true healing and growth to occur.

Thorncroft serves 350 students per week. This year alone the Farm gave out $75,000 in scholarship to students who, due to financial constraints, were unable to afford the therapy offered at Thorncroft.

The Horses

The horses are the true healers. Since 1971, the movement of the horse has been studied around the World and at Thorncroft. Scientific studies and workshops of hippotherapy, biomechanics, and equine physiology have been hosted at the Farm. Through these studies, we have learned that the movement of the horse teaches the human body the correct motion of walking. Students who have never had the ability to walk correctly can experience the sensation while riding. This extraordinary experience provides balance, strength, mobility, and improved self-esteem. The benefits are limitless.

All of our horses have been donated to the Farm and are truly extraordinary animals. We provide the best care for our horses, as we know the Farm could not run without them.

The Environment

Thorncroft is a mainstreaming facility where individuals of all abilities come to ride together, learn together and relate to one another; and within an accepting environment, foster growth in each other. This growth is our aim; it is the beginning of healing.

The Volunteers

Our success depends upon the enthusiasm and dedication of our volunteers! Over 150 men, women and teenagers assist our staff in a variety of ways. They help us as side aides and leaders in the ring; they aid in the grooming and tacking up of the horses; they work in both the stable management and horticultural programs; and they assist with office duties. All receive in-service training to better respond to the special needs of our riders.